NOTICE: Exhibitor Contact - Justin Cook


The International Trombone Festival would like to extend to you this invitation to exhibit at ITF2017! My name is Justin Cook and I am the new Exhibits Director for the ITF. Once again, the Festival is a unique opportunity to make contact with trombonists worldwide! The Exhibit Hall at the University of the Redlands will be located in the 9000 square foot Orton Conference Center. The main gallery in Orton can be configured with 3 to 9 rooms or as 1 large room with 7 smaller side rooms. Additional space for trying out instruments and equipment will be available in an adjacent building.
If you are not able to exhibit at the University of the Redlands or you wish extra visibility for your product(s), I would like to offer you the opportunity to place your advertisement in the program booklet. This booklet will be seen by hundreds of trombonists and will give your product(s) the greatest visibility. This is a wonderful way to give your product(s) the exposure it deserves.

You can find links to the Exhibit Booking Form and the Advertising Booking Form to the right. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at jcook@uca.edu.

Come join us in Redlands, CA and enjoy the International Trombone Festival!
AltoBone Publishing

Helping you become the best player you can possibly be is our passion. Discover a growing assortment of books on improvisation, range building, orchestral excerpts, technique fundamentals, and of course, alto trombone. The "Savvy" series of books and materials provide you with hours of musical examples, exercises and play-along tracks - as well as a unique perspective on developing your individual voice on trombone. The recently released "Improvisation Saavy” is a proven method for learning and playing skillfully over a variety of jazz standards. Play beyond expectations!
Antoine Courtois

The first manufacturer of brass winds in France was created by the Courtois family in 1789 in Paris. In 1803, Antoine Courtois, one of the founder's sons settled the brand Antoine Courtois Paris.

Among the instruments manufactured and still perpetuated today, trombone, trumpet, family saxhorn, very quickly made the reputation of the brand.Antoine Courtois Paris passionately cultivates elegance, combining the eye and the hand of the Master to the soul and the musician's sensibility. A musical instrument signed by Antoine Courtois Paris is a guarantee of quality and style.
Bertrands Music

Since 1983, Bertrand's Music has been serving the needs of musicians and educations in Southern California. From humble beginnings, founder and retired music educator John Bertrand Sr., started his shop in San Bernardino on the principle of how he would want to be taken care of if HE were a customer. Since then, Bertrand's Music has grown to six locations serving San Diego to Oxnard and across to Western Arizona. Even more, our educational services have increasingly satisfied the growing needs of school programs throughout these areas. We at Bertrand's Music love to be "Partners in your musical journey."

Best American Craftsman (B.A.C.) was founded by Master Craftsman, Michael T. Corrigan, with a vision to preserve the old world craftsmanship and American pride found in factories back from the early 1930's-1960's. Each musical instrument that we design, and each custom instrument built by our craftsman is approached with the highest level of respect for an American past time. In addition, we value our collaboration with some of the industries more prominent artist, to help guide us with maintaining a forward thinking approach to design in each instrument we produce. It is our goal to preserve a dying craft.

Conn-Selmer, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a full line of American made band and orchestra instruments for professional, amateur and student use. The company manufactures and distributes its products under a variety of well-known brand names including Selmer, Bach, Ludwig, Leblanc, King, Armstrong and C. G. Conn.

Edwards Instrument Company produces professional trombones, trumpets and flugelhorns. Designed, developed and manufactured in Elkhorn, Wisconsin USA. Edwards instruments are fit to each musician’s specific physical and sound needs.
Facet Mutes

At Facet Mutes we manufacture a line of wooden mutes for brass instruments, using state of the art CNC equipment, the finest hardwoods, and the highest quality woodworking materials available. Our customers refer to our mutes as "works of art" that play extremely well. We arrived at our patented designs after carefully studying acoustics, as it applies specifically to sound reduction, as well as to the manufacture of acoustic musical instruments. We have been able to capture the characteristic sound that is familiar to us, and to our audiences. Our standard line of mutes uses 100% natural hardwoods... no polymers, no fiberglass, no fiber construction of any type. Every hardwood used has a characteristic timbre that is related to the density and grain of the individual hardwood.

Getzen brass wind instruments have been handcrafted in Elkhorn, Wisconsin for over 75 years. Getzen offers quality U.S. made instruments suited for the beginner through the professional player. Getzen strives to produce quality instruments that will fit a musician's playing requirements, while providing it at a competitive price. A recent addition to the Getzen product line are the Custom Reserve models.
Gliddings Mouthpieces

Made with attention to detail, for musicians by musicians. Superb Quality that lasts a lifetime.
Haag Trombones

For decades, the Haag Trombone has been the name for top-notch quality in the music scene. Since 2016, its future development lays in the creative and focused hands of Fabian Bächi, Switzerland’s first Master Craftsman as Brass Instrument Builder. He continuously further improves and refines the trombones and trumpets with full devotion: better intonation, exceptional sound characteristics and unique optical details make these instruments even more special. Play the highest quality Instruments, made in SWITZERLAND!
Hickeys Music

Hickey's Music Center, founded in 1892, is located in Ithaca, New York amongst the Finger Lakes. We are a full line music service specializing in the music of all publishers, musical instruments, performance accessories, high quality repairs, software, music technology and sound equipment, and most important, friendly service to you, our customer.

Working under a philosophy to support music education and community since 1930, Jupiter’s parent company, KHS Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., has become one of the largest musical instrument producers in the world today. Incorporating some of the fastest growing brands today, KHS can offer a full line of quality instruments to school music programs and individual players.

As a global company, KHS selects the finest materials available and controls all aspects of manufacturing in their state-of-the-art, company-owned factories, ensuring consistently high quality and reliability. Visit the Jupiter Factory Tour to learn more about the making of woodwind and brass instruments.

Research for the XO Series began nearly a decade ago and throughout, Jupiter has been resolute in its mission. As a highly recognized industry leader, the company was determined to create a professional series of instruments that supported their continued commitment to superior quality and value.

In 2002, the first generation of XO prototypes was released. Jupiter consulted with artists and instrument designers from around the globe. This collaboration generated additional design modifications, which led to further testing in a variety of concert and studio environments. Thousands of hours of research and development resulted in the implementation of revolutionary manufacturing processes and tolerances. The careful analysis of an abundance of data combined with technologically advanced workmanship culminates into the XO Series’ exceptional playability and superior performance.

Since its introduction, hundreds of professional artists have taken the XO Challenge and have agreed that Jupiter truly has created a series of instruments that exceed a player’s every expectation.

Kanstul Musical Instruments was founded in 1981 by Zigmant Kanstul, who began his career as a master brassmaker in 1952 with F.E. Olds & Son, where he later oversaw all R&D and manufacturing. After a later stint running the Benge trumpet factory for King, he opened his own factory, producing instruments under the Kanstul brand, as well as for other world-famous marques. Today, under the direction of Zig's sons Mark and Jack, the company continues to innovate and build the finest and fullest line of brasswind instruments - from trumpet to tuba, and from raw brass stock to finish - all in the original Anaheim, California factory. The line includes full selection of trombones: Bb Soprano, Eb Alto, Bb Tenor, Bb/F Bass, Bb/F/Gb/D Double Bass and F/C/Db/A Contrabass, as well as two valve trombones: traditional and flugelbone.
MADBone Inc.

MADBone Inc. is happy to introduce the MADPipe, a multi-tapered one-piece leadpipe mouthpiece system for trombone. Our founder Dr. Matthew A. Dixon invented the MADPipe as part of his doctoral research project.
Dr. Dixon was able to test his theories in a double blind study conducted at the University of Illinois. It was demonstrated that the MADPipe helped trombonist produce a richer more resonant tone compared to conventional leadpipe systems.
A U.S. Patent was issued on April 19th 2016.
Don’t let anything come between you and the best possible sound. Achieve greatness with the MADpipe.
Contact: madboneinc@gmail.com
M&W Custom Trombones

M&W Custom Trombones have quickly achieved recognition as some of the finest trombones available on the market. Well known within the industry as experienced, accomplished, and highly skilled craftsmen, Michael McLemore and Matthew Walker, owners of M&W Custom Trombones, bring a unique perspective to their craft as they are performing trombonists themselves. You will find that M&W trombones are designed to produce a rich, classic trombone sound with an ease of response throughout the entire range of the instrument. Creating an exquisitely crafted trombone, built to the finest quality is our highest priority. We look forward to sharing M&W Custom Trombones at the International Trombone Festival, 2017.
Mountain Peak Music

Mountain Peak Music seeks to promote the health, wellness and good technique of all musicians by publishing items which are innovative, accurate and unique. We are dedicated to finding new strategies for solving old problems, in addition to addressing areas in traditional pedagogy which have not received adequate attention.
Pickett Brass

In 1998 Peter had just started his first mechanical engineering job out of school and joined up with the local community band in Lexington, Kentucky. Most of his engineering graduate studies have revolved around acoustic modeling of the trumpet shape, proving out several observations people had made in the past. However, there was very little work done on the structure and other aspects not associated with the air-column. After playing extensively for many years after completing a BA in music, he wanted to continue his engineering masters studies on trumpet acoustics.

In 1999, Peter bought his first lathe and made several simple heavy bottom caps for my trumpet. To be honest, the first goal was purely aesthetic - change the look of the horn from a traditional horn to a subtly different modern look. The results were as you might expect - too much mass in the wrong place is not desirable. But it was a great and fun start to what has developed into Pickett Brass as we have it today.

Today Pickett Brass uses several state of the art CNC machines and skilled finishing to produce the world class quality trim sets in a variety of weights and appearances. In addition, we are applying our years of playing and manufacturing experience with top professional names in trumpet playing today to produce truly one of a kind mouthpieces that are second to none in quality and design.
Rath Trombones

Full range of bespoke, custom trombones, hand built to your specifications. Modular components give a wide range of possibilities so that you can put together your ideal trombone.

Rath Trombones have gained an international reputation for high quality trombones, and after years of development, produce a large range of instruments that enables the player to cover the whole musical repertoire. Rath offers four Jazz trombone models, Many Large bore and Bass trombone configurations and even caters for the more specialist, making Alto and Contra bass instruments. Whatever your requirements, Rath Trombones can produce the instrument for you. Rath trombones are proud to have a long list of talented international artists using instruments produced in a small village in Yorkshire. From orchestras and opera houses, Broadway to the West End, film and television studios, to pop and commercial groups, brass bands, wind bands, jazz, big bands, funk groups, and so many other genres and ensembles, instruments made by Michael Rath are found in almost every conceivable musical situation requiring a trombone.
S.E. Shires Co.

S.E. Shires Co. was founded in 1995 for the sole purpose of building custom brass instruments of unparalleled professional quality. Now recognized as a leader in brass instrument design, innovation and manufacture, we maintain our commitment to every player who chooses Shires-to build an instrument that not only looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to, but is mechanically perfect, built to last for many years and beautiful to look at as well.

As Schilke Music Products celebrates more than 50 years of business creating the finest handcrafted brass instruments and mouthpieces, we are looking towards a bright future ahead. Holding the traditions created by Renold Schilke is still our first priority at Schilke Music. Handcrafting each instrument one-at-a-time continues to be our only choice in building the finest brass instruments available. As a pioneer in instrument design, Renold Schilke's instruments have proven to be timeless. Schilke instruments continue to attract new players from all genres worldwide.

Today, Schilke Music Products is housed in a newly remodeled 16,000 square foot facility located in Melrose Park, Il. We currently employ more than 35 personnel with virtually everyone having a brass performance or music background. Every new craftsman continues to be trained by veteran craftsmen to ensure all of our traditions remain intact and applied with every new instrument produced. We encourage any musician visiting the greater Chicago area to tour our facility and see highly skilled craftsmen employ time honored traditions.
Schmelzer Trombones

These fine instruments are the result of the culmination of years of experience, both as a craftsman and a performer. Manfred Schmelzer of Germany has produced a line of high quality trombones that are meeting the needs of today’s discriminating musicians.
Sierman Musical Instrument Company

Since 2011, Sierman Musical Instrument Company has quickly established a reputation for SOUND, excellent craftsmanship, we keep our spirit to develop new musical instrument models around the world. Appreciated customers recognition & supporting, we will concentrate in sound of Quality!

Thank you for using Sierman Wind Instruments, PASSION keeps us going forward.
The Brass Ark

The Brass Ark is an online pro shop launched by trombonist, Noah Gladstone in 2010. This store is dedicated to the appreciation, collection, restoration and sales of vintage and used brasswind instruments as well as the creation and inception of new top tier equipment for the professional trombonist. It was with this goal in mind, to offer a location where brass enthusiasts could buy, sell, trade and learn about these rare horns and accessories, represented by a seller who is not only an expert and enthusiast himself in the field of vintage brasswinds, but also a professional musician and experienced seller. Located in Los Angeles, California, hours are by appointment only. The Brass Ark offers Consignment Services, appraisals, repairs, trade ins and purchases used horns of the highest quality. Additionally, collaboration with elite makers in the field yield various new products for the discerning musician. Mouthpieces from Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces/The Brass Ark, Custom Leadpipes from The Brass Ark/The Brass Medic, Custom Trombones from Markus Leuchter and The Brass Ark/Sawday will all be on display at our booth.
The Horn Guys

The Horn Guys is a brass instrument specialty company located in Southern California. Founded by Steve Ferguson in 2000, our goal was to improve the quality of the musical instrument retail environment by specializing in professional brass instruments and accessories for the high-end enthusiast market. Through innovative design, product availability, top notch sales support and technical service, local musicians could be satisfied without having to resort to faceless mail order sites. Our current La Crescenta location has been our home since 2004. We stock selections from the premier makers of professional trombones, including S.E. Shires, Greenhoe, Getzen, Vincent Bach, Kanstul, Yamaha, daCarbo, Kuhnl & Hoyer and Jurgen Voigt. Our trombone case offerings include Marcus Bonna, Glenn Cronkhite, and Bags of Spain.
Thein Brass

The Thein family is situated in Bremen, the old Hense-city in North Germany. Max and Heinrich both are master makers in brass instruments and percussion.

Founded in 1971 "the fine brass instrument making" started in an old house of the 14th century in Bremen's marvellous historical "Schnoorviertel". More than thousand handcrafted unique brass instruments came from this location. They developed a complete brass line from piccolo trumpet to tubas, trombones and French horns, all custom models, and personalised. Listening to the player's visions is the principle for Max and Heinrich to create "works of art for the artists". For this intensive work the Thein Brothers received several awards for arts and crafts.
Ultimate Brass


Established 2013 in Philadelphia, PA., by Chinese born bass trombonist Mr. SUN He, Ultimate Brass started as a brass instrument repair studio and later became an innovative company who designs and makes brass instrument mouthpieces, trombones and trumpets and brass instrument accessories.

Ultimate Brass Mouthpieces and accessories has been used by members of Chicago Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Aachen Chamber Orchestra, Singapore Symphony, Beijing Symphony, ShangHai Symphony, Shenzhen Symphony etc.

In 2017, Ultimate Brass and Streamline Brass from Canada founded the new brand "Tétreault and Sūn” together, T&S operates a world top level brass instrument research facility in ZhuHai, China and multiple manufacturing plants through North America and Europeans. T&S Brass instruments with new design of valves and wraps will be released later this year.
Voigt Brass

The Jurgen Voigt Master Craftsman Workshops stand for production with craftsmanship skills and modern expertise - and all the products are completely "Made in Germany"! Instrument makers, bell section makers, valve mechanism makers, component makers and the toolmakers particularly needed for any new developments work hand in hand using traditional, innovative and individual skills - and with the necessary attention to detail. All this is essential if a company is going to manufacture complete, top-quality brass instruments under one roof. The firm not only produces modern and historic master crafted instruments, but also mutes for brass instruments, shawms in line with an old Saxon tradition and approx. 2500 components for brass and woodwind instruments. Voigt Brass - instrument-making in the 10th generation.
Warburton Music Products

We manufacture a complete line of mouthpieces for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba - plus our growing line of top quality accessories for both brass and woodwind instruments. The Warburton system flexibility gives you the most efficient mouthpiece or saxophone neck components for performing in any playing situation.
Wiseman Cases

Wiseman London produces a range of high quality, hand crafted, musical instrument cases. Wiseman cases are designed to provide professional quality instruments with maximum protection, whilst offering the highest degree of space efficiency, comfort and versatility for the modern musician. All of our cases feature a unique, registered, tubular design and are hand-made in England, from the finest quality materials. All Wiseman cases carry a free lifetime craftsmanship guarantee.
Yamaha Corp

Yamaha offers a full line of musical instruments and accessories. With a focus on consistently high quality products and services combined with innovative methods, Yamaha is dedicated to providing fantastic music making experiences for the next generation.

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