Georgia 2021 Artist: Yu Tamaki Hoso

Yu Tamaki Hoso

A Japanese Solo Trombonist active worldwide, Yu Tamaki expands his activities not only as a trombone soloist, but also orchestra and chamber musician, educator, author and producer. An official artist for Pro Arte Musicae of Tokyo, S.E.Shires Company of the USA and willie’s Custom Brass of Yamanashi, Yu currently resides in Denmark. In January 2018, Yu has departed from his orchestra position in Denmark to concentrate on his soloist career. Ever since, he has been actively traveling between the continents for various engagements.

You can enjoy Yu’s playing on his solo recital at the ITF, Wednesday July 14 at 1PM. His performance will feature three United States premieres of works written for him: Samuel Adler’s “Two Sides of a Coin,” Miho Hazama’s “Variations on a theme of Paganini,” and Minako Seki’s “Game from An;G;El.”

Regarding Seki’s composition, Yu tells us

I wanted a music written for me, that is something truly unique to my culture and roots as a Japanese. I thought of what is unique aspect of Japanese culture, it didn’t take so long to realize I grew up with “video game” and “anime”. I sought out an active Tokyo composer in the field and I was introduced to Minako Seki. After some discussions, we decided “Game” to be a musical journey that travels through the history of video game music. It starts with late 1970’s 8bit games such as Breakout or Packman where only limited sound effects were possible, then 90’ Nintendo action games: Megaman where we had some computer sounds, and then finally game music has its capacity to have a full orchestral sound: Monster Hunter. Through this piece, I can revisit my childhood, it is even better with my trombone! 

We are so excited to have Yu as part of the ITF, and we know you’ll be thrilled by his artistry!