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The Great American Band & Orchestra Company

Hand-crafted instruments with a tradition of innovation and superior musical performance.

With a tradition of innovation and superior musical performance, brands such as Vincent Bach, C.G. Conn, King, Holton, Selmer, Armstrong, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, and Scherl & Roth, have earned a legacy of respect unparalleled by any other builders. Conn-Selmer is also the North American distributor of Henri Selmer Paris woodwinds and the U.S. distributor of Yanagisawa saxophones.

The leading manufacturer of world-class, American-made brass instruments.

Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both an accomplished musician and a talented engineer to create brass instruments of unequaled tonal quality. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius instruments today remain the sound choice of artists worldwide.

The Bach 42BO is the most popular selling Bach Stradivarius symphonic trombone. It features an 8-1/2″ one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell that has defined the symphonic sound for generations. The .547″ large bore combined with the open wrap F attachment offers outstanding clarity and projection with less resistance. The chrome plated nickel silver inner handslide tubes provide the ideal surface for smooth and quick handslide action. The clear lacquer finish adds a subtle warmth to the sound overall. The Bach Stradivarius 42BO professional trombone is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance.

Bach Artisan Stradivarius Trombones

Modular Stradivarius Trombones for Aspiring Students and Professionals

Every player is unique. That is why the Bach Artisan line offers an expansive line of modular components, to allow each individual player to have a more customized approach to finding their Bach Sound.

Your Own Artisan Trombone

Customize your Bach sound with an expanded list of component options.

  • 14 different bell types available in various materials, weights, and bell flares, including detachable flare screw bells.
  • 4 valve sections; each unique design offers players a broad choice of response and feel.
  • 3 Tuning slides allow players to add more nuance to the sound and feel of their trombone.
  • 25 different hand slides that utilize five bore sizes and five material options.

Meticulously Crafted for Excellence

The Bach sound has defined orchestral playing for generations, and now that sound can be taken to the furthest stretches of your imagination.

  • Combining modern features with iconic designs from Vincent Bach
  • More options for players to customer their own playing needs
  • Precision built components allow for easy compatibility across the Artisan line
  • Hand crafted by our Artisan builders in Elkhart, IN USA

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