Presenter Spotlight: Chamber Groups

The ITF is the place for chamber music in all combinations, with cutting-edge new music sharing the stage with favorite standards of the repertoire.  Trombone quartets, trios, choirs, mixed groups, and chamber ensembles of all styles and configurations can be found on this year’s program!

Check out the overview below, and then make your plans to attend some outstanding concerts from our ITF Presenters!



Recital: Elysian Trombone Consort: Timothy Anderson, Dr. Chad Arnow, Dr. Brett Shuster, Dr. Nathan Siler



The Elysian Trombone Consort is pleased to perform at the International Trombone Festival again.  Formed in 2009, the Consort continues in its mission to bring new and undiscovered trombone chamber works to its audiences.  In its nine years, the group has commissioned and premiered nearly twenty new works for trombone quartet.  In addition to the 2013 ITF, the Elysian Trombone Consort has performed at the American Trombone Workshop and the College Music Society National Convention as well as at universities throughout the country.  As with our previous ITF program, this year’s recital features the premieres of numerous new pieces.


Recital: Blenheim Trio


Bruce Tychinski, Trombone, University of Delaware

Heidi Lucas, Horn, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Chris Combest, Tuba, Middle Tennessee State University

With Michael Schneider, piano


The Blenheim Trio was formed in 2012 when all three members were faculty at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.  Since that time, the group has appeared at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Linz, Austria, the U.S. Army Band’s Tuba-Euphonium Workshop, and at several universities and summer festivals.  The ensemble works to promote new music for this chamber combination and support living composers.  Today’s program includes three world premieres commissioned by the trio.



Recital: Tantalizing Trombone Trios

DreiBones (1).jpg

Drei Bones

Dr. Michael Davidson, Associate Professor of Trombone, University of Kansas

Dr. Timothy Howe, Associate Professor of Trombone, University of Missouri

Dr. J. Mark Thompson, Professor of Trombone, Northwestern State University of Louisiana


Since 2015 Drei Bones Trombone Trio has made frequent appearances at trombone conferences and universities, performing recitals of trombone trio literature. In addition, Drei Bones released a CD of trombone trio music through Emeritus Records in January 2016, with their second CD to be released in early 2019. The trio is developing a creative research niche in the performance of trombone trio literature. They are also active in creating new literature for trombone trio and have already commissioned, recorded, and premiered several new works for trombone trio.


Recital: Trio 8831

dave begnoche

Dr. David Begnoche, Professor of Trombone, Texas Christian University

Jon Burgess, Professor of Trumpet, Texas Christian University

Sara Doan, Piano


Trio 8831 was founded in 2010 by award winning pianist Sara Doan, trumpeter Dr. Jon Burgess (Associate Professor of Trumpet, TCU) and trombonist Dr. David Begnoche (Associate Professor of Trombone, TCU). Blending the 88 keys, 3 pistons and 1 slide at their disposal, 8831 is committed to performing original works for this instrumentation and has commissioned new works from composers including Jan Sørensen and Steven Sacco, as well as TCU faculty Blaise Ferrandino, Robert Garwell, and Till Meyn. All four works on this 2018 ITF program will receive their Iowa premiere and Sørensen’s New Beginnings, its world premiere.


Recital: Texas Select Trombone Quartet


John Romero, (Newly Appointed) Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; (Former) Ft. Worth Sym.

Brent Phillips, Professor of Trombone, Baylor University

James T. Decker, Professor of Trombone, Texas Tech University

Scott Nguyen, bass trombone


Texas Select Trombone Quartet is comprised of some of the foremost trombone players residing in the “Lone Star State.”  Members of TSTQ regularly perform with the finest orchestras in Texas, including the Dallas Symphony, San Antonio Symphony, Fort Worth Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, Lubbock Symphony, Abilene Philharmonic and the Waco Symphony. Texas Select members are award winning soloists, chamber musicians and prominent teachers at Texas Tech University, Baylor University, Blast of Brass camps and have been hosted by Houghton Horns and Baylor University Lyceum Lecture series. TSTQ’s mission is to bring excellence to the trombone quartet repertoire and introduce new and exciting arrangements and commissions. TSTQ culminates their Spring 2018 Tour with this ITF Recital.



Recital: Double Trombone Quartet

The American Trombone Quartet


Jemmie Roberston, Nathaniel Lee, Szolt Szabo, and William Mann

Qu4tre à 4


Christian Bogaert, François Bogaert, Nicolas LaPierre, and Philippe Lorthios

With Mark Rheaume, Conductor


Qu4tre à 4 originally heralds from the Pas de Calais in the Northern part of France. It is there that they continue their musical journey, working in the region and teaching in the national conservatories. From transcriptions to original works, these four trombonists help you discover the richness of their instruments through their musical sensitivity. Each of them a proven professor, they like to add educational touches to their appearances, not only with master classes but also with tailor-made musical fairy tales especially designed for their ensemble. They represent the “French” trombone school with dignity, showcasing its characteristics by appearing at the most prestigious international festivals (Paris, Valencia, Lausanne, New York, Los Angeles, SliderAsia Hong-Kong).

Founded in 2015, The American Trombone Quartet, seeks to champion new music and works of Americana, whether that is by sharing recently composed works with new audiences, commissioning new works, or by adapting innovative musical works from various genres, each avenue leads us towards our goal, which is to share the art and joy of collaborative chamber music with live audiences. The four founding members; Nathaniel Lee, William Mann, Zsolt Szabo, and Jemmie Robertson, have come together from diverse musical and pedagogical backgrounds to advocate for music education and audience engagement. To this end we happily devote ourselves to both performing and teaching in residencies.


Concert: Combined Community Trombone Choirs from Across the US

Rose City Trombones

Andy Taylor & John Ohnstad, Directors

Dr.  Jeff Williams, Conductor

David Bryan, Larry Coates, Joseph Jefferson, Sam Louke, Brad Mcmillan, John Ohnstad, Todd Ouchida, Spencer Schaffer, Jerry Stalnaker, Andy Taylor

Atlanta Trombone Ensemble

Gil Estes, Director

Phil Guice, Hollie Lawing, Jim Wile, Mitch Frey, Kerry Smith, Ed Bush, Lee Butts, Jen Mitchell, Bob Devine, Erik Kofoed, Stephen Hanner, Chris Norris, Bruce Mangan, Bill Pritchard, Todd Brubaker

With Natalie Mannix, Tenor Trombone


Dr. Jeff Williams, Conductor



Recital: Solo and Chamber Music by Women Composers

Ava Ordman (ITA Honoree), Professor of Trombone, Michigan State University

Isabelle Lavoie, Lecturer of Trombone, Lakehead University

Natalie Mannix, Associate Professor of Trombone, University of North Texas

Amanda Stewart, Associate Principal Trombone, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Michael Schneider, Piano


This recital features solo and chamber music for trombone by women composers. Included in the program are 3 solos, a duet written for Ava and Natalie, and a new quartet which will receive its world premiere today. Ava Ordman and her sister trombonists Isabelle Lavoie, Natalie Mannix and Amanda Stewart are excited to share this music with you.



Concert: Original Compositions for Low Brass Trio

Black Bayou Brass


Dr. Jeremy Marks, Trombone, Dr. James Boldin, Horn, and Tracy Bedgood, Tuba

Faculty at the University of Louisiana at Monroe