Arkansas 2022: Artist Spotlight, Christian Lindberg

The artist who first established the trombone as a formidable solo instrument, Christian Lindberg is known the world over for his many recordings, covering all corners of the trombone repertoire, and characterized by his pristine technique and signature style – high energy combined with musical athleticism.

Since the 1980’s, Christian Lindberg has been ubiquitous on symphonic and recital stages all over the world, first as a renown trombone soloist, and later as a conductor and composer. As a trombone virtuoso, he premiered over 200 new works, including 70 concerti, has has composed new music for such prestigious ensembles as the Chicago Symphony. Since 2000, his work as as conductor has seen him occupying the podium for the Northern Sinfonia (UK), the Swedish Wind Ensemble, the Arctic Philharmonic, and the Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra. His many albums have made him a favorite of trombonists, since he has provided outstanding reference recordings for virtually any solo trombone piece! To date, his activities as a composer, conductor, trombonists have amassed over fifty recordings on the BIS label. Truly, he is a Renaissance man!

Recently on his You Tube channel, Lindberg shared a whopping 37-part practice series, during which he gave fans a peek into his preparation for learning the Prelude of Bach’s massive Solo Partita No. 3, widely regarding as one of the most difficult works…for violin! Here’s a little taste of how that all ended up!

“If enthusiasm is contagious, Christian Lindberg is an epidemic waiting to happen… he’s a potent antidote to the stuffiness that still passes for seriousness at many a concert.”

-Minneapolis Star Tribune

Back in the day, Lindberg was famous for his dramatic flair, in which costumes or other staging added a theatrical element to his stellar technique. For a taste of his unique approach to performances, check out this vintage video of Jan Sandström’s Motorbike Concerto, with James DePreist and the Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

Earlier on, and even at the young age of only 20 years old, Lindberg’s energy and formidable skills were more than enough to firmly establish him as a soloist. Check out this recording from the early 1980s. Really, is there anything more ubiquitous to virtuoso playing on any instrument than Flight of the Bumblebee?

For over 20 years, Christian Lindberg was a regular at the ITF, but more recently, his activities as a composer and conductor have kept him busy, so that we haven’t seen him since 2003! We are thrilled to have him back and can’t wait to hear what he has planned for Festival audiences. Be sure to look for his events on the schedule!

See you in Conway!