Artist Spotlight: Paul the Trombonist

As the Artist Roster for ITF 2018 continues to expand, we are excited to announce the addition of:


Paul is well-known to musicians and fans around the world through his innovative You Tube videos, featuring pedagogical content, commentary on the music business, historical reviews, and of course, an eclectic performance catalog, with everything from jazz standards, to pop tunes and his own original music.  Paul’s online collaborations feature a treasure trove of musical giants, including Bill Watrous, Bob McChesney, Ed Neumeister, Ron Wilkins, Phil Wilson, Arturo Sandoval, Carol Jarvis, and many more.  He has made a notable contribution to the historical, technical, and musical content available to trombone players, students, and enthusiasts, and we are excited to see what he will bring to Iowa in 2018!

Follow Paul the Trombonist on You Tube, or check out his website to learn more!

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