Arkansas 2022: Presenters

The International Trombone Festival is honored to feature researchers, pedagogues, and performers from around the world.  ITF Presenters are chosen through a rigorous, peer-reviewed application process, and represent the highest level of achievement in their respective areas of expertise. 

Special thanks to the 2022 Selection Committee:

Dr. Karen Marston, ITF Director; Mt San Antonio College
Dr. Justin Cook, ITF Host and Manager; University of Central Arkansas
Dr. Chris Van Hof, ITF Assistant Manager; Ball State University
Dr. Chris Sharpe, ITF Co-Host; Central Arkansas University
Dr. John Neurohr, Central Washington University

We are proud to give these excellent teachers, performers, and scholars a premiere stage at the ITF.  Be sure to catch these incredible concerts, poster sessions, lectures, and presentations on this summer’s program!


The Leon Brothers Experiment, Bellas Artes Street (Album)
Jose Leon and Branimir Leon

Empress Trombone Quartet
Dr. Karen Marston, Amy Bowers, Shelly Suminski, Dr. Lori Stuntz

New Trombone Ensemble Repertoire
Jeremy Marks, Justin Isenhour, Zsolt Szabo, Joseph Brown, Megan Boutin, Alex Van Duuren, Justin Waller, Brad Kerns

New Works for Horn, Trombone and Piano
Dr. John S. Neurohr; Dr. Jason M. Johnston, horn; Catherine Anderson, piano

The Leon Brothers Experiment, Bellas Artes Street (Album)
Jose Leon and Branimir Leon

Commissions, Dedications, and Premieres
Dr. Jemmie Robertson; Jasmin Arakawa, Piano

Two Trombones And …
Dr. Russ Zokaites, Dr. Nathan Siler

Branimir León, José León, and Sérgio Simões

Loud and Louder: Heavy Metals
Dr. Stephen Ivany; Dr. Jarrod Williams, Cimbasso

Indefatigable: New Music for Trombone
Dr. Ben McIlwain; Ellen Elder, piano; Jackie McIlwain, clarinet

Blue Ridge Trombone Quartet
Dr. Cory Mixdorf, Dr. Nathan Dishman, Drew Leslie, Sean McGhee

Natural State Brass Band, Featuring Douglas Yeo and Dr. Justin Cook
Steve Greer, Board President Natural State Brass Band

ITF Exhibitors Trombone Choir
Organized by Doug Elliott

The Short and Long of It – New Works for Solo Trombone
William Lang

New Music
Michael Martinez

Tribute to Albert Mangelsdorff
Joe Fiedler

The United States Army Band Trombone Quartet
Austin Westjohn, Omar Dejesus, Michael Burner, Ethan Scholl


Grit? Growth? Good Grief!!
Tim Conner

A Snapshot of the Lack of Academic Trombone Learning Resources in Bolivia
Juana Caballero Casas

When Personal Life and Musical Life Clash: How Traumatic Events Affect Practice and Performance
Tony Weikel

Taking Your Talent to the Next Level: Fostering great musicianship through ensemble skills and team work within your studio.
Dr. Óscar Díaz

The Militant Trombone

Bel-bone: Brazilian music as Pedagogical Material for Trombone
Marcos Botelho


Historical Evolution of the Trombone Teaching in Paraguay and other Countries of South America
Fatima Carolina Abramo Acuña; Alexander Da Silva, Paraguayan Harp

Using Modern Resources to Diversify Recital Programming
Jeff Dunn

Using Song Literature as a Vehicle for Expanding Trombone and Low Brass Repertoire featuring the songs of Women Composers
Dr. Alexandra Zacharella; Dr. Elizabeth Momand, piano

Audio Augmented Reality: A practical approach for perform/compose in real time.
Ricardo Arbiza

Developing a Unique Voice: New Repertoire and Compositional Collaboration
Evan Conroy


Alto Methodology
Alex Knutrud

Moving from Pain, Strain, and the Mundane toward Efficiency, Ease, and Expression
Dr. Gretchen McNamara and Dr. Eric Wallace

Recovery For Trombonists
Austin Pancner


The Trombone Retreat
John Sebastian Vera, Sebastian Vera, Nick Schwartz, and Guest

See you in Conway!