Indiana 2019 Artists: Ensembles

Trombonists as a part of ensembles bring a unique and multi-style perspective to the ITF program.  We are proud to feature a wide range of genres in which the trombone can shine, while also bringing together a truly diverse, genre-bending roster of ensembles from around the world.

Who can you hear at the ITF?

Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm, with John Fedchock, Nate Mayland, and Alan Ferber


Jen Wharton’s Bonegasm

Defined as a “climax of musical excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the ears and experienced as an accompaniment to hearing a group of trombone players,” Broadway bass trombonist Jennifer Wharton’s upcoming project, Bonegasm, speaks to her “mission to bring peace, love, and trombone to the unsuspecting masses.”

The quartet of NYC top-call trombonists will be backed up by the top-notch jazz rhythm section faculty from host institution Ball State University: Scott Routenberg (piano), Nick Tucker (bass), and Cassius Goens III (drums). Bonegasm will feature music by Sara Jacovino, Edward Perez, John Fedchock, Alan Ferber and Jim McNeely.

What is Bonegasm?  Check out this sample track from their debut album, released February 2019!

Mark Hetzler with Mr. Chair

Based in Madison, WI, Mr. Chair is a multi-genre group that plays a mix of rock, jazz, modern classical and contemporary improv-based styles.

Trombonist Mark Hetzler holds degrees in music from Boston University and the New England Conservatory of Music. Trained as a classical musician, Mark spent 16 seasons as the trombonist of the Empire Brass Quintet, a world renown brass chamber ensemble. He has released twelve solo recordings on the Summit record label, featuring classical works, avante-garde, modern and electro-acoustic music, and his own original compositions.  Mark’s lifelong fascination with rock and jazz styles eventually found its way into his curiosity for music technology and has led him to use his electro-acoustic skills in many classical, non-classical and improvised settings. Out of this interest, Mr. Chair was born. Joining a group of friends whose musical skills are varied and impressive, Mark helped form The Mr. Chair Quartet in 2016, and has been helping the group to forge a path into a place where classical, rock and jazz styles merge. When he isn’t writing and arranging tunes or exploring performance opportunities for the MC Quartet, Mark is teaching music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he is the Professor of Trombone and a member of the Wisconsin Brass Quintet.

Visit his website here:


Mr. Chair: Mark Hetzler (trombone), Mike Koszewski (drums), Ben Ferris (bass), Jason Kutz (keyboards)

David Taylor and Daniel Schnyder, Art of the Duo


The bass trombone and saxophone power duo of New York heavy-hitters David Taylor (bass trombone) and Daniel Schnyder (composer/saxophone) is as energetic as it is surprising.

Daniel Schnyder won first prize at the 1996 International Trumpet Guild’s Composition Contest. His Trumpet Sonata was selected as one of the official pieces for the Concours Maurice André pour Trompette 2003 (Paris). He won also numerous awards for his chamber music by the International Flute Association, the International Clarinet Association, the City of Zurich, Pro Helvetia, the National Art Council of Switzerland, the American Symphony League and Meet the Composer.

David Taylor currently performs with The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Charles Mingus Big Band, NY Chamber Symphony, Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra, Michelle Camillo Band, Bob Mintzer Band, and the Daniel Schnyder, David Taylor, and the Kenny Drew Jr Trio. He appears frequently with Orpheus, and the St. Lukes Chamber Orchestra, and is on the faculties of the Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College.


David Taylor

So Wrong It’s Right: Dave Taylor, David Whitwell, Kalun Leung, and Felix Del Tredici


So Wrong, It’s Right

Conceived in David Taylor’s upper west side studio, part plumber’s paradise part musical safe space, So Wrong It’s Right (SWIR) came to be in 2017 with the coming together of trombonists Felix del Tredici, David Whitwell, Kalun Leung, and David Taylor. The slide is what unites us, a peculiarity of our instrument that we think should be celebrated, fourfold. Our imaginations manifest in new works for trombone quartet, our first which was a site-specific improvisation recorded at National Sawdust in honor of International Women’s Day. We are committed to championing creative artists of our time and envision collaborations that are not bound by genre or discipline. Our approach to the trombone ensemble attempts to amplify the salient characteristics of the instrument such as vocalization, clowning, physical theatre, and preparation – a long tradition which we hope to share by developing a new body of repertoire through commissioning and educational initiatives.

The Westerlies

The Westerlies are a New York-based brass quartet comprised of childhood friends from Seattle: Riley Mulherkar and Chloe Rowlands on trumpet, and Andy Clausen and Willem de Koch on trombone.


The Westerlies

Formed in 2011, the self-described “accidental brass quartet” takes its name from the prevailing winds that travel from the West to the East. “Skilled interpreters who are also adept improvisers” (NPR’s Fresh Air), The Westerlies explore jazz, roots and chamber music influences to create the rarest of hybrids: music that is both “folk-like and composerly, lovely and intellectually rigorous” (NPR Music). Equally at home in concert halls and living rooms, The Westerlies navigate a wide array of venues and projects with the precision of a string quartet, the audacity of a rock band, and the charm of a family sing-along.


We’ll also have a full program of Presenters, University Faculty Showcase Recitals, and Student Ensembles!  The ITF is truly a world stage.  Where else can you find so many trombonists, from so many different backgrounds, performing in so many styles?  Nowhere!  Don’t miss it!

See you in Muncie!