Congratulations to the following pedagogues, researchers, wellness experts, and performing artists who have been selected as Presenters for the 2018 ITF!

The selection committee received an unprecedented number of applications this year, and the following list of presenters represents a highly qualified and diverse group of experts in their respective fields.  The line up offers a little bit of everything, ranging from teaching concepts to performance practice and new music recitals.  Attendees will have the opportunity to attend cutting-edge performances, informative clinics, and interactive master classes.  There is truly something for everyone! 

Be sure to stay tuned for more detailed information about each of these presentations!


Timothy Conner, University of Miami, Frost School of Music, Lecture: “The Mindfulness Buzz: Finding Focus in a Distracting World”

Brian McCullough, University of Minnesota, Lecture: “Alexander Technique for Trombone Players and Teachers

Eric Wallace, Lecture: “Valsalva, Musical Stuttering, Dystonia?…Discussion of an Unique Performance Disorder

Douglas Yeo, Boston Symphony (Retired), Lecture: “A Native American in Jazz: The Recorded Legacy of Russell “Big Chief” Moore

Ava Ordman (with Natalie Mannix, Isabelle Lavoi, and Megan Hodge), Michigan State University, Performance: “Recital of Solo and Chamber Music for Trombone by Women Composers

Mike Hall, Old Dominion University, Lecture Recital: “Galant Performance Practice: Performing the Galliard Sonatas

 Qu4tre a 4 and the American Trombone Quartet, Recital

Chris Buckholz, University of New Mexico, Lecture Recital: “Crossing Over: Versatility for the 21st Century Trombonist

Neil Parsons, Berklee/Boston Conservatory, Performance: “Sketching 101: Simple Strategies for Developing Conversational Musicality

Mark Fry, Elgin Symphony Orchestra, Performance: “Crime Classics: Music for Trombone by Bernard Herrmann

The Bone Society, Clinic-Recital: “The Bone Society + Clinic Ensemble Playing

Elysian Trombone Consort, Performance: “Elysian Trombone Consort Recital

Russ Zokaites, Performance: “Collaborative Voice: Performance of New Works for Bass Trombone

Russ Zokaites, Lecture: “Collaborative Voice: A Performer’s Guide to Commissioning

Jason Sulliman, Troy University, Lecture: “It’s About Time: A 21st Century Cognitive Perspective on the Pedagogy of Timing

Texas Select Trombone Quartet, Recital

Joao Luis Areias, University of Rio de Janiero, Lecture: “The Books and Pedagogical Material of the Brazilian Legend Mr. Gilberto Gagliardi

Jerry Hyman, Former Trombonist with Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Lecture: “Movement and Exercise for Trombone Players

Benjamin Yates, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Lecture: “Building a Studio: How to Retain Students with Early Mornings and Doughnuts

Drei Bones, Recital: “Tantalizing Trombone Trios

Jeremy Marks, University of Louisiana, Monroe, Performance: “Original Works for Low Brass Trio

Benjamin Coy, South Texas College, Lecture: “Jazz Pedagogy for Classical Repertoire

Jonathan Whitaker, University of Alabama, Master Class: “What if Your Favorite Coach Was Your Trombone Teacher?

Don Lucas, Boston University, Master Class: “These Concepts Have revolutionized My Student’s Playing and My Playing

Gary Mayne, Lecture: “What’s your WHAT? What’s your WHY? …. And What’s your W.H.U.T?

Joao Luis Areias, Don Lucas, and Erika Ribeiro, Recital, “Suite for Two Tenor Trombones and Piano” by Bruce Stark”

Rose City Trombones and the Atlanta Trombone Ensemble, Recital

David Fetter, Baltimore Symphony (Retired), Clinic, “Trombone Tone and the Open “Ah”: What Singing has Taught Me”

Andrew Glendening, University of Redlands, and Julia Broome-Robinson, Graduate Assistant, Arizona State University, Master Class, “The Art and Science of Trombone Teaching”


Targeting and Winning a College Teaching JobJoel Pugh, University of North Dakota; Benjamin Yates, University of Louisiana, Lafayette; Michael Smith, Luther College, Robert Lindahl, Central Michigan University

The Impact and Potential of Community Trombone ChoirsAndy Taylor and John Ohnstad, Rose City Trombones (Oregon); Gil Estes, Atlanta Trombone Ensemble; Len Wicks, Bones West (California)


Kevin Hicks, Pedagogy (Jazz)Trombone Visualizer

Kevin Hicks, Pedagogy: “Sight Reading Monster

Derek Molecek, Performance Practice, Western Iowa Community College: “The Trombone Alternative: Ska and Punk Trombonists of the 1990’s

Timothy Howe, Performance Practice, University of Missouri: “Developing an Informed Performance Practice for German and Austrian Orchestra Works from 1730-1830

Brian Plitnik, Performance Practice, West Virginia University: “The Alto Trombone as a Transposing Instrument

Thomas Zugger, Assessment, Capital University: “Using Rubrics and Learning Goals to Improve Student Performance

Andrew Rozsa, Equipment, Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra: “Interchangeable Parts: An Examination and Comparison of Fixed and Modular Trombones

Chris Glassman, Pedagogy and Performance Practice (Jazz), Michigan State University (Graduate Teaching Assistant): “Odd One Out – Jazz Bass Trombone in a Tenor Trombone World

Thomas Macaluso, New Music, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Graduate Teaching Assistant): “Creation of a New Electroacoustic Work for Trombone: Commissioning, Recording, and Performing ‘Addiction’s Actuality'”