Youth Workshop

Interested in the ITF Youth Workshop? This page will tell you everything you need to know!

What is the ITF Youth Workshop?

The Youth Workshop at the International Trombone Festival is a program for developing trombonists, ages 12-17, who are interested in a fast-paced, fun, trombone-all-day experience that will put them front and center with top trombone artists and teachers from around the world.  Our Youth Director, Chris Bill (yes, THAT Chris Bill), will lead the charge, and will be in residence all week to mentor, inspire, and guide!

What happens at the Youth Workshop?

The short answer?  Everything!  Youth Workshop attendees will work directly with artists and teachers in master classes, rehearsals, clinics, and all sorts of trombone-related activities.  In addition, there will be lots of time to visit the ITF Exhibits, to try out horns, mouthpieces, mutes, and basically any trombone-related thing you can possibly think of!  No where else in the world can you experience so much trombone in one place!

What is the Youth Workshop Schedule?

A detailed schedule will be available soon, but in the meantime, here is a general outline, to assist with travel plans.

Tuesday, July 9
Afternoon/evening: Arrive in Muncie and check-in to dorms!
Evening: Kick-off event! (Food, social time, and trombone choir!)
Note: We understand that travel plans can be complicated! Students are welcome to arrive Wednesday morning, if needed.)

Wednesday, July 10-Friday, July 12
Scheduled events from 8:30am-10:00pm, daily
(with lots of time for exhibits, and other Festival fun!)

Saturday, July 13
Morning rehearsals/attend events

Commuter students should plan to meet the Youth Workshop group for morning warm-ups at 8:30am, each day, and will be ready for pick up, after the evening concert ends, at around 10:00pm.

Who is in charge of the Youth Workshop?

Youth Workshop attendees move through a structured daily schedule, under the direct supervision of ITF Youth Director, Chris Bill, Workshop Coordinator, Andrea Van Hof, and a counselor staff, who will attend all events with the group.  Dorm life is also safe and structured, with resident assistants on hand at all times.  In addition, the Youth Workshop has a staff of dedicated faculty, who are top teachers and performers from across the country.

What is the daily schedule like?

The Youth Workshop schedule runs concurrently with the main ITF schedule, but by contrast, is very structured.  While regular Festival attendees can pick and choose from a variety of events, the Youth schedule is thoughtfully organized, to be specifically geared toward the developing trombonist. Youth will attend some of the main Festival events as a group, but will also spend time rehearsing and preparing a concert program, which will be performed on a mainstage Saturday afternoon.  In addition, the schedule will include a number of Youth Workshop exclusive master classes from Festival Artists, and of course, time to visit the ITF Exhibit Hall.

Where can I stay during the Youth Workshop?

Attendees can choose from on-campus housing options, which include a 3-meal per day meal plan, or stay off-campus, and join the group each morning, before the day’s activities begin.  Commuting students should be dropped off and picked up by a guardian or parent each day.  Those who are old enough to drive should provide the ITF with a note, signed by a parent, indicating that they can come and go without supervision.

How do I register for the Youth Workshop?

Youth Workshop registration is available through the ITF main registration page, here.  Early bird registration for the week is $270, and regular registration is $300.  On-campus housing (Tuesday-Sunday) is $350, and includes a daily meal plan.  Please fill out the following forms, and upload them, along with your registration.

Health Information Form
Medical Authorization and Release
Participant Agreement
Waiver and Photo Release

Still have questions?  Email the ITF Director, Dr. Karen Marston, at Or, contact Youth Workshop Coordinator Andrea Van Hof at

See you in Muncie!