Making travel plans?

Traveling to Iowa City this summer and wondering where to start with your travel plans?

We’ve got you covered!

First, visit our page on registration and housing here: Registration and Housing

The Graduate Hotel will be taking reservations in early February – look for updates on our website!

Getting to Iowa City by Air

Cedar Rapids (CID): The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids is the closest airport to Iowa City, and is about a 30 minute drive to the University of Iowa campus.  This airport is serviced by American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, and United, with nonstop flights from a number of major US hub-cities, including Dallas-Ft Worth and Atlanta.  For more information about routes, visit this page: CID Nonstops.

Once in Iowa, there are numerous ground transportation options, including car rentals, shuttles (approximately $40 per trip for single riders; less for groups), taxis, and ride shares such as Lyft and Uber.  Check out this page for more information: CID Ground Transportation

Quad Cities Airport (MLI): The next closest airport to Iowa City is in Davenport, about a 1 hour drive from the UI campus.  With non-stop flights from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Vegas, and other major US cities, this is also a great option for getting to the ITF.  Airlines servicing MLI are: Allgiant, American, Delta, and United.  For more information on flights: MLI Flight Information

Ground Transportation options from Davenport include car rentals, shuttles (reservations required; price quoted at time of writing was $137 for a van of 4 passengers), ride share, and taxis.  Since MLI is a little further, we recommend that transportation plans be made in advance: MLI Ground Transportation

Des Moines International Airport (DSM): At a 2 hour drive, Des Moines is the furthest option, but is a larger airport with more flights, nonstops, and carriers, enabling more economical and flexible trip options.  Airlines servicing DSM are: Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest (must book directly with Southwest at, United, Delta, and American, with nonstop options from many US cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Phoenix, and many more.  For a full list of nonstop service, visit this page: DSM Nonstop Service

Since the drive is rather long and shuttle options for that distance are quite limited, a car rental is likely to be your best option.  For more information about ground transportation at DSM: DSM Ground Transportation

See you in Iowa City!