Interested in attending the 2019 International Trombone Festival, July 10-13 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana?


We’d love to see you there!

Registration will open online in January, 2019.

Although registration costs for 2019 have not yet been determined, you can view 2018 information as a reference, here:

Here’s how YOU can be a part of the biggest trombone gathering in the world!


Students (ages 12-17) are invited to attend and perform at the ITF as a part of our Youth Workshop.  Director Christopher Bill, who is well-known around the world for his innovative online presence, leads our youth program.  Together with Festival artists and Youth Workshop Faculty, Bill creates a unique and nurturing learning environment for developing trombonists.  Students attend Festival events as as group, work together in rehearsals, benefit from exclusive master class experiences, and perform on a Saturday concert (with a few surprise guests)!  The ITF Youth Workshop is a great place to make new friends, attend amazing concerts, learn, and just basically geek out over all things trombone!

Youth Workshop attendees have on-campus housing and commuter options.  Those choosing to stay on campus will be monitored by camp counselors for the duration of the Workshop schedule, and should plan to stay on campus from Tuesday night to Saturday night (Sunday departures also available).  Commuters should be dropped off by a parent or guardian each morning, and picked up each evening.

Parents, family, and friends are invited to attend the Saturday concert, or any (or all) of the Festival events!

Long-Hair-3-2016 Chris Bill

Christopher Bill of, Director of the ITF Youth Workshop.


Trombone professionals can be a part of the Festival as a regular attendee (see below), or may choose to apply as a Presenter.  For more information on presenting at the ITF, please visit our “APPLY” page, here:


ITF attendees can purchase one-day, two-day, three-day, or full Festival registration.  Attendees can attend all regular Festival events, including master classes, lectures, exhibits, concerts, and poster sessions.  In addition, the ITF program includes daily warm-up sessions, and trombone choir rehearsals, so you should bring your horn!

For questions, please see our contact page.

See you in Muncie!