Arkansas 2022: Sponsor, Greg Black Mouthpieces

The ITF host and staff would like to recognize our Gold Sponsor:

Whether it’s playing in the Pittsburgh Symphony or making my insane overdubs, I simply couldn’t do what I do without Greg’s unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship.”

Jim Nova, Pittsburg Symphony

Greg Black Mouthpieces has only one mission in mind, become the finest makers of brass mouthpieces in the world.

Continuing in the tradition of the classic New York City mouthpiece makers, Greg Black produces some of the finest custom made brass mouthpieces around.

I never thought mouthpieces made any difference in my playing, but since switching to my Greg Black 5G I can honestly say that my playing has improved each day. The beautifully designed mouthpiece gives a unique sense of flexibility and ease, whilst also giving strength and power.

Isobel Dawes, Bona-fide Quartet

Since 1985, Greg has been hand-crafting these fine pieces to exact specifications, creating a product that far exceeds the expectations of his customers.  Musicians from around the world including the New York Philharmonic, Broadway Musicals, and Recording Studios recognize a commitment to excellence through superior craftsmanship.

In 2019, Benjamin Strickland joined Greg Black Mouthpieces as the business manager and Greg’s apprentice.  Greg and Ben continue to adhere to the highest quality and attention to detail musicians have come to expect in a Greg Black Mouthpiece. 

Choosing A Mouthpiece

The quality and timbre of sound is produced mainly by a combination of the balance of cup, throat bore and backbore.  When selecting a mouthpiece, first try a medium cup with a standard throat bore and backbore matched with a standard rim ID (inner diameter) similar or slightly larger than the one you have been using.  We suggest one of our medium cups to start because they offer a balancing between the high and low registers.  The ID can be adjusted larger or smaller based on the musician’s responsiveness to the contour and size.  For the rim selection, we recommend trying the widest ID that responds the best and is the most comfortable.

If your sound is too brilliant and you feel too much resistance, first try a deeper cup or a larger backbore.  If you don’t have enough brilliance or resistance, try a shallower cup then a different shape backbore.  The medium sized cups are the ideal size for diversified playing, but if one favors the upper register, the shallower cups should be tried first.  For round, symphonic sound, the deeper cups and larger diameters are to be preferred.  

Our standard rim sizes are the most popular but we also offer our wider NY series rims that add extra support and cushion feel for players that use more pressure.  

All of our combinations have merits and we encourage choosing the one that works best for your individual musical needs.   

To learn more about Greg Black’s philosophy and process, check out the video below:

Be sure to visit the 2022 Exhibit Hall to try a Greg Black mouthpiece for yourself!